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About Us

Diveagar is situated on the grand Arabic sea. The place with a beach very wide and clean is blessed with intense natural beauty, the tender sands below feet, coconut tree cultivations (Wadi’s). And last but not the least Lord Suvarnaganesha which is the one of the main attractions of tourists visiting here. Also it’s pride of the Diveagar. We shall make your way safe and smooth to this paradise by bringing all sources of information regarding the place at your ease.We the heirs of this untouched nature thus welcome you at our homes to experience the warmth of sand, sweetness of coconut and bliss of Lord Suvarnaganesha.

Diveagar is a beach town, located on the gold coasts of the Konkan, Maharashtra. The town is famous for its exquisite beaches and blue waters and hidden gold treasure. Diveagar lies under Raigad district which is a famous Maratha district of Maharashtra. The Coastal lines of this place are bestowed with coconut and betel nut trees which make this place more beautiful. White sparkling sand, blue waters and beautiful coasts make a special combination of fun and peace. If you want to know more about the city then the Diveagar Travel guide serves you with valuable information. In November 1997 while working in a coconut garden Mrs D D Patil, found a copper trunk weighing, in that trunk she found a 24 carat gold Ganesha mask.

The inscription on the trunk says 1060 AD.Later this idol was deified and instated in a temple in the village. With so much to explore, you can also come to this city during the festival season to experience the true colors of festivity. The main festivals celebrated in Diveagar are Janmashtami and Ganesha Chaturthi. This place is a great tourist destination, if you are a beach lover and also an explorer for hidden treasure.

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