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White house

Hello there, We would like to introduce our hotel ‘WHITE HOUSE RESIDENCIES’ It is a new experience that you can add in your list with some beachy wind and lots of sea food. There are few places to visit in dive agar like Rupnarayan mandir, Sonyacha Ganpati temple etc. White House Residencies : Dinesh Karanjkar (owner) Mobile no: 9769330366 / 9323960857 Hotel no: 9067297680 / 9637406134

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About Us

Diveagar is situated on the grand Arabic sea. The place with a beach very wide and clean is blessed with intense natural beauty, the tender sands below feet, coconut tree cultivations (Wadi’s). And last but not the least Lord Suvarnaganesha which is the one of the main attractions of tourists visiting here. Also it’s pride of the Diveagar. We shall make your way safe and smooth to this paradise by bringing all sources of information regarding the place at your ease.We the heirs of this untouched nature thus welcome you at our homes to experience the warmth of sand, sweetness …

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